Want to avoid a cold this winter? Have regular sex

REGULAR sex can stop you getting a cold. American researchers have reportedly discovered that people who have sex up to twice a week have 30% more immunoglobulin A (an antibody that stops colds and flu) than less frequent lovers.

They didn't say how much immunoglobulin A people who have sex twice a day have but I imagine they are pretty much bulletproof, like that television hero Arrow or, for the older generation, Clark Kent.

Of course this finding came as no surprise to me since I have over the years been kept up to date about the benefits of sex by various boyfriends. Men never waste any time telling you about the positive benefits of a bit of fooling around.

Sex can cure a headache. It can cheer you up. It can make your skin look better. It can make you look younger. It can fix PMT. Heck, sex may even be able to do the dishes and clean the car.

It's like one of those old-fashioned, cure-all tonics. Arm severed? Head injury? Quick, someone get that woman some sex.

There's a part of me that thinks men could be right about the positive benefits of good sex.

Notice the good there, because bad sex can really irritate you and that can't be good for a headache or a bad mood.

Lack of love i.e. loneliness, can kill you, medical scientists concede. And, if sex is connecting, then it's certainly a step on the ladder towards improving your health. But if sex is just something to tick off the to-do list, while you think about all the other things on the to-do list, then how useful can it be?

Sex has to be a leisure activity, not another chore. Although it can lead to chores being done.

My girlfriend says that having sex with her partner gets things done around the house.

So far it's got her lawn mowed, her house renovated, her car fixed … I think she's probably doing it right.

But back to what sex is good for so all the men out there have a new weapon for their reasons-to-have-sex-with-me-right-away strategic plan.

Other research studies report that people who have regular sex have lower blood pressure and stress levels, have better sleep because of a hormone called oxytocin produced after orgasm and may even be mentally sharper because sex increases blood flow to the brain.

So what can we conclude? That the person in the office who seems chilled out, who never gets a cold and who can do the cryptic crossword in five minutes flat, isn't going short of any action between the sheets?

Or that human beings will always think of new reasons to get naked?

Helen Hawkes is a qualified counsellor and happiness coach. Go to The Feelgood Factor at http://www.thecalmzone.com.au.