Tony Abbott's polling boosted by his attacks on Russia

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott's handling of the Malaysian Airlines disaster has seen him receive a significant boost in opinion polls.

The poll, released on Tuesday, revealed Mr Abbott's 12-point improvement was his equal best result since he took over the Coalition leadership in 2009.

Mr Abbott's satisfaction rating rose five points to 36% while dissatisfaction with him fell by seven points to 53%.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's satisfaction level rose four points to 38% while dissatisfaction with the Labor leader fell two points to 41%.

The Newspoll, published in The Australian, showed there has been no change in the standing of the parties in the past fortnight with the Coalition and Labor both recording a primary vote of 36%, Greens hold 12% and the Palmer United Party and Independents sit at 16%.

The two-party preferred vote remained unchanged with Labor 54% leading the Coalition 46%.

The poll also showed voters approved of the leadership shown by both men in the aftermath of the MH17 tragedy.