Whispers: Gossip and funny stories from around Toowoomba and beyond.
Whispers: Gossip and funny stories from around Toowoomba and beyond. tritrix

To pee or not to pee, that was man's question

CHAP in the members' section of Clifford Park Turf Club gambled and lost.

Lady tells Whispers she was in the members' section at that time and had to use the ladies.

Upon entering the stalls, she noted the next toilet was occupied from which the loud sound of liquid splashing onto water was emanating.

"I was thinking that poor lady must have been busting," she told Whispers.

"Just as I was washing my hands, a man came out of the toilet, looking bewildered and embarrassed and asked: 'Am I in the wrong toilet?'

"I said 'yes, this is the ladies'."

Recognising the chap as the brother of a well-known local horse trainer, he asked her not to tell anyone so as to save his embarrassment.

Naturally, in true Australian style, our lass went out and announced the chap's mishap to all in the members' bar.

"He was so embarrassed," she laughed. "I got high fives from quite a few."

Suitably social

TSBE's international flights earned the honour of being "suitably social" with its first trade mission to China where excited delegates drank a plane dry in just a matter of hours. And that was a 10-plus hour flight to Shanghai.

So whether it was a "challenge accepted" belief that history couldn't be repeated on the three-hour flight from Toowoomba to Auckland, or the plane was less stocked this time around, remains unclear.

But the load on the Qantas flight that left Wellcamp on Monday was certainly lighter when it touched down in Auckland, with the delegates on board lightening the plane's supply of Bundaberg Rum in just a matter of hours.

It was another suitably social flight by all accounts.

Sinking the boot

GUMBOOT sales enjoyed a moderate boost this week in New Zealand as a group of under-prepared delegates made last-minute purchases of suitable footwear for field days.

The Access NZ members made a boot-stop for wet weather shoes at a Mitre 10 on Thursday after being told all week the grounds would be muddy and nothing short of tractor tyres would make navigating the site possible.

And since it had rained every day since landing on Monday, there was more than a few convinced gumboots would be essential. So the group of eight made a beeline for the boot aisle in the mammoth store, selected the epitome of style shoes before negotiating a deal for the bulk buy. All sorted, the group got back on the bus and continued on their way only to arrive at field days with an abundance of sunshine, dry paved paths and too many layers.

While a great investment at the time, the $20 boots were certainly not needed.

Firey meeting

NORTH Toowoomba lass has been living at her rental house for more than a year, but only this week met the neighbours a few doors up.

Admittedly, she was rubber necking after hearing sirens of the firies blaring in her street and went out to investigate the commotion.

While emergency services crews were diligently tending to the smoke coming from one of the units, she took the chance to meet her neighbour who, it turned out, had done the good Samaritan move and gone around to check everything was okay before calling in the troops.

The damage was confined to the kitchen and the resident was checked out in the ambulance for smoke inhalation.

Fortunately, not too much damage was done.

Meanwhile, the North Toowoomba lass and her newly introduced neighbour planned a beer at the nearby pub, the neighbourly thing to do.

Referring to the firey incident, as the QFES say in one of their fire safety campaigns… "Don't stop looking when you're cooking".

Green with envy

FARMERS couldn't help but be envious of the endless green landscape for which New Zealand is known.

Traversing part of the north island for the Access NZ trade mission, the Darling Downs farmers were green with envy at the, well, green pastures.

And it wasn't the only odd sight on the trip with more than a few chuckles heard at cows sleeping in the paddocks with rugs on.

Well, it does get cold in the land of the Long White Cloud.