BLOWN AWAY: The Evil Within toys with the conventions of zombie shooter games.
BLOWN AWAY: The Evil Within toys with the conventions of zombie shooter games.

The Evil Within is a superior form of zombie shooter

NOW here is a game that really lives up to its moniker. There may have been plenty of zombie shooters in recent years, but The Evil Within is a different and altogether more malevolent beast.

This is because it is just so hard to survive in this game's nightmarish world, as it becomes overrun by some of the wickedest creations you have ever seen on the screen.

The game paints a picture on a huge stage too. One minute you are a detective checking out a disturbance at the local psychiatric institution and the next you are confronted by a huge body count, earthquakes and a truly evil-looking spirit capable of teleporting anywhere instantly in space and time.

The hasty retreat you must beat from the crumbling facility, while the whole city literally falls apart around you, is only the first hint of exactly how biblical the apocalypse you are facing is.

The Evil Within is a game for serious survival horror fans. You will not be able to mindlessly blast away at hordes of zombies, as they drop like flies. Instead, the evil creatures lurking are capable of killing you very quickly.

There are just so many elements that come together to transform the game into one hell of a thrill ride.

The Evil Within doesn't just reinvent the horror genre. It throws the rulebook out of the window and then toys with you mercilessly. The adventure wilfully takes preconceived notions of what should "work" in a game and then taunts you when it breaks those rules and cruelly tricks you in the process.

The Evil Within is superbly written too. The narrative plays with your imagination by only giving you a minimum of information to go on and then you have to somehow make sense of it all.

On top of this the story is truly twisted, as the script is a work of evil genius. There is blood aplenty, but the game uses light and dark cleverly and is as twisted as the most confronting horror movie you have ever seen. This game is the perfect mind warp.

Often things don't add up, but in a good way, as you stagger about bewildered and not sure whether you should attack or run and hide. Clues are there as to what is going on, but the game always leaves you wondering and this keeps the anxiety at thrilling peak.

The Evil Within does feature staples from the genre though.

There are upgrades, save points, weapons and items you collect.

However, in each case these features have been implemented with a creative flair that will blow you away.


The Evil Within

  • Rating: R
  • Format: PS4
  • Distributor: Bethesda
  • RRP: $99.95
  • Rating: 10/10