Senate puts brakes on repeal of Carbon Tax

THE Abbott government's election pledge to repeal the carbon tax has been dealt another blow, with the Senate on Monday allowing an extra week for committee scrutiny.

It was the first order of business for the first day of the new Senate, after new and existing senators completed their oaths or affirmations.

But after lengthy debate and an attempt by Leader of Government in the Senate Eric Abetz to gag debate, the Senate denied the repeal to go through on Monday.

Instead, the Senate endorsed an extra week of deliberations for a Senate committee to examine the government's nine repeal bills.

The legislation was rescheduled for further debate, and will likely be passed, next Monday, after the committee completes its work.

Senator Abetz told the Senate that it was "time to get this blot off our economic landscape", appealing to crossbench senators not to be persuaded by opposition to the repeal from Labor and The Greens.

But Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said it was "more important" that the repeal bills go through the proper process, rather than rush through the repeal on the first sitting day.

"This Senate is a house of review, and we should be reviewing this legislation, and the lies that have been told," she said.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said earlier that the government wanted to allow a "full and fair debate" on the repeal bills.

But when Senator Abetz moved a gag motion on debate, the Senate, including some key crossbenchers, voted the attempt down.

Debate on the carbon tax repeal will be rescheduled for next Monday, where the support of crossbenchers including the Palmer United Party is expected to secure its passage.