Rural fire trucks to stay yellow

RURAL Fire Service Queensland trucks across the state will remain yellow in the latest recommendation handed down by the Malone Review Working Group.

Emergency Volunteers Minister Ted Malone announced today a further 15 recommendations from his review into rural fire services in Queensland have been approved by the Malone Review Working Group.

The Malone Review made 91 recommendations regarding the structure, function, leadership and funding of the Rural Fire Service.

Mr Malone said Police and Community Safety Minister Jack Dempsey had already committed to the implementation of some recommendations including changing the name of the volunteer organisation to Rural Fire Service Queensland, confirming that the RFSQ will be led by its own Volunteer Arm Deputy Commissioner, meeting safety concerns by ordering red and blue lights for all RFSQ trucks and committing to fully funding equipment and training needs, including protective clothing and communication equipment.

"In addition to these commitments from the Minister my implementation team is working on delivering the review's recommendations to the benefits of RFSQ volunteers and staff," he said.

"Already this week another 15 recommendations covering issues including the implementation of a hazard mitigation operational period, confirmation that RFSQ trucks will remain yellow and expanding brigade access to Mapping Toolsets, have been signed.

"My team will work towards having the majority of review recommendations implemented before the next bushfire season.

"I am looking forward to rolling out further recommendations which will assist in delivering the best rural fire service in the country for our volunteers."