Police to increase the pressure with more drug driving tests

DRUG driving is a target for police this year with drug testing up on last year.

While the tests are still to be analysed, police statistics show 23 positive roadside drug readings were made on January 1, up from 13 in 2014.

Over the holiday period as a whole, police have detected nearly twice as many positive readings in 2014-15 as were detected a year ago.

Police yesterday said they had detected 92 people driving while high over the holiday period, up from 57 last year.

Despite the increase in drug detection, police said speeding and drink driving remained their biggest challenges in the Christmas road safety campaign.

Two people were caught driving 48kmh over the speed limit including a motorist on the Warrego Highway at Hatton Vale.

According to police, drink driving numbers are down on last year although high-level offences, including a Maryborough driver registering a blood alcohol reading of 0.285, are still occurring. - APN NEWSDESK