Linc’s ‘unattractive’ jargon replaced in court files

A SUPREME Court justice has demanded "unattractive" wording be removed from a document relating to collapsed gas company Linc Energy's legal files.

Supreme Court Justice Roslyn Atkinson said she did not like the use of the word's "child name" and "child account" in the documents as she found them "unattractive" and did not understand what they meant.

The court was told they were "IT terms" and that the wording of the draft order had been negotiated between the numerous parties. But Justice Atkinson said it was she, not the parties, who had to make the legal order and she would not make an order she did not fully understand.

The words were then replaced in the documents.

The court heard Linc initially claimed legal professional privilege in not disclosing certain documents to investigators.

An agreement was later reached between Linc and the department, but when the company entered voluntary administration and then liquidation, the legal protection of those documents and an agreement to see them came into question.

The legal matter involves Linc Energy and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection as well as a number of individuals who could face prosecution for alleged environmental damage.

No future court date was set but the parties can bring the matter back to court if an issue arises