Environmentalists and Industry ally to combat climate change

RECENT debates about climate change, the energy sector and affects on the environment has caused a divide between energy companies and environmental groups.

But now these sectors have joined forces to tackle climate change.

The Australian Climate Roundtable has today released a list of joint principles that they say is needed to address climate change.

All sides of the argument have had an input, including the Australian Conservation Foundation, Australian Council of Trade Unions and Energy Supply Association of Australia.

The document said government policies should help reduce emissions from the energy sector.

It also said any changes that economically burdens businesses should be "smoothed".

Energy Supply Association of Australia chief executive Matthew Warren said effective and efficient measures to reduce emissions needed to be delivered over a generation or longer.

"… They require broad, common support and enduring policies," he said.

Together, the groups have agreed Australia should play its part in the push to limit climate change to less than two degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels.

They also said Australia needed to eventually reduce its net emissions to zero or below.