Clive Palmer vows to block Abbott's PPL scheme

CLIVE Palmer has refused to pass Prime Minister Tony Abbott's signature $5.5 billion paid parental leave scheme.

Mr Palmer, the Member for Fairfax, on Monday said that as long as the Palmer United Party held the balance of power in the Senate, the scheme would not pass the upper house.

The scheme has already faced fierce opposition within Mr Abbott's own ranks, with several MPs and senators openly opposing it in its current form.

But Mr Palmer's comments have virtually sounded the death knell for the PPL, with Labor opposed and government negotiations with The Greens - the only group open to the scheme - stalled.

Mr Palmer said the scheme was "simply inequitable" and had the potential to disadvantage mothers in rural Australia and lower income women, while "highly paid mothers" in suburbia would benefit.

He said despite asking to talk to the government, no negotiations had occurred recently, amid some reports the government may have already shelved it completely.