A Gladstone man has been sentenced to serve time behind bars following a crime spree over several months.
A Gladstone man has been sentenced to serve time behind bars following a crime spree over several months.

99 fireworks found in man’s backpack

A crime spree landed a Gladstone man in jail after his appearance in Gladstone Magistrates Court on December 9.

Shane Kenneth Nash, aged 33 at the time, started his offending on October 15 last year in Toowoomba where he stole 28.1 litres of fuel worth $40 from a service station.

He attempted to pay with a card which declined and said he would return, but he never did.

He was picked up by police on November 27 at Bororen on the Bruce Highway.

During a search, officers found 99 fireworks in Nash’s backpack.

Nash told police he had them because he was moving house but he knew it was an offence to possess the fireworks.

He was also made to do a roadside drug test.

He told police he had a point of methamphetamine and a pinch of cannabis a few nights ago. He tested positive and further analysis showed the presence of meth.

On January 7, another roadside drug test showed the presence of meth in his system which resulted in an immediate licence suspension.

Still, Nash was caught driving on February 5.

On March 12, Nash was seen putting mixed groceries into a trolley at the Boyne Island Woolworths and left without attempting to pay.

When he was located on April 21, his wife insisted she had paid and said she would provide bank statements – when supplied the purchase was not on the statements.

During a search warrant on November 12, at a Kirkwood address, police located two glass pipes, two sets of scales (one with white crystal remnants) and clip-seal bags.

Police also located black knuckledusters, and a box of four Viagra tablets.

Nash, now 34, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on December 9 to 12 charges including stealing, drug-driving and unlawful weapon possession.

The court was told Nash had a two-page criminal history and was most recently sentenced for a property offence in 2018.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito conceded his client required “stringent supervision” which would be provided by the parole board.

Mr Pepito said the father-of-four had taken the grocery items for his family’s consumption but accepted this was not appropriate.

Nash was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, to serve one month, with parole release on January 8.

He was also disqualified from driving for two years.

No restitution was ordered.

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