Barry Leddicoat / Sunshine Coast Daily

94 hours a year stuck in traffic - that's life in a big city

AUSTRALIANS are spending an average of 94 hours in traffic each year, a new  reports suggest.

And drivers can expect to settle in for even longer stints in the future, with the latest TomTom Traffic Index reporting   average congestion levels across Australian cities is rising.

The report for the second quarter of this year found the average amount of time Australians spend in traffic  has increased by up to two hours per year - a marked increase on the full year 2012 findings.

Australia and New Zealand were given an overall congestion level rating of 29% across nine cities - a 2% rise on figures from the full year 2012. This increase is in line with the rest of the world, which is also experiencing rising levels of traffic congestion.

The average figures are heavily weighted towards capital cities, giving regional residents yet another reason to celebrate their lifestyle.

Sydney was again named as the most congested city in Australia, followed by Perth and Adelaide. While Sydney has increased in congestion levels, it has reduced its global congestion ranking from number 7 to 14.

Brisbane residents are wasting an average of 28 minutes for every hour driven at peak times. 

The worst times to travel in Brisbane are Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

Sydney and Adelaide residents have  experienced the largest increase in congestion of all cities in Australia, with a 1% rise compared to the second quarter last year, while Perth and Melbourne have both experienced a decrease in congestion.

Canberra was found to be the least congested city of those surveyed in the region, with a congestion rating of 19%.

"The TomTom Traffic Index demonstrates that congestion is significantly rising globally and this is affecting Australia's major metropolitan cities," TomTom Asia Pacific vice president Chris Kearney said.

"By providing an accurate analysis of traffic flow and routing traffic away from congested areas, TomTom plays a key role in helping to ease congestion and save Australians from spending valuable time stuck in traffic."

"At TomTom our objective is always to gain a precise understanding of traffic flow over the entire road network. In doing that we can accurately help millions of drivers get to their destinations faster, safer and with lower emissions."