Council to decide on $8m fee for camp expansion

THE Gladstone Regional Council will decide on Tuesday whether to charge an $8 million infrastructure fee to Homeground Gladstone workers' accommodation for its 1408 room extension.

An application to double the workers' accommodation provided at the Calliope River Rd facility was approved by the council in May.

At Tuesday's general meeting, councillors will also discuss whether to close waste transfer stations at Lowmead, Raglan and Builyan after a petition to keep the Lowmead transfer station was put forward by Lowmead residents.

Lowmead residents are seeking revised opening hours for the transfer station, and improved facilities.

The agenda says Builyan and Raglan stations have not been used all year, and Lowmead has had 50 visits.


Councillors are also expected to discuss:

  •  Design of the Boyne Island second river crossing
  • Allocation of road names to Beecher Estate Stage 13
  • Naming of a park within The Sands Estate Stage 1 as Heron Park
  • The council's adoption of a gates and grids policy, which would establish a standard and permit system for grids and gates on rural roads
  • Communications with the Federal Government regarding funding for telecommunications infrastructure
  • Tenders for the supply and delivery of road making materials in Miriam Vale, and for road furniture in the Gladstone region
  • An assessment of the council's Operational Plan 2013-2014