BREAKING | Goodluck appears to win final council spot

THE Electoral Commission of Queensland has 23 more votes to count today and the official result is expected to be declared tomorrow. 

The ECQ has finished counting the booths and pre-poll, with some postal votes yet to be counted.

We will have live coverage of results and breaking news throughout today.

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What we know so far: 

- Pre-poll and booths have been counted

- The key contest is between Kahn Goodluck and Alex Staines for the final spot on council

- Chris Trevor is leading with a 2436 vote margin over his closest rival Cindi Bush

- The final top eight candidates:

Chris Trevor (18,578) Cindi Bush (15,758) Rick Hansen (15,552) PJ Sobhanian (14,469) Glenn Churchill (14,377) Desley O'Grady (12,802) Peter Masters (12,448) Kahn Goodluck (11,728)


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UPDATE 10:30am: 

AFTER the final votes have been counted the gap between Kahn Goodluck and Alex Staines has grown from 65 votes to 72.

The last 23 ballots were counted this morning at the electoral office on Hanson Rd and appear to have cemented Kahn Goodluck's place as the eighth candidate to be elected to the Gladstone Regional Council.

Although the results are yet to be officially declared there is little chance the top candidates will change, even if there is a recount, ECQ Returning Officer Mark Larney said.

Alex Staines came close with 11,656 but it wasn't enough to steal the eighth spot from Kahn Goodluck who surged ahead in the Boyne polls landing 376. 


THE final 23 ballots will be counted this morning with the official results expected to be declared tomorrow.

Throughout the race there has been a close rivalry between Alex Staines and Kahn Goodluck as the pair battled it out for the final spot on the council.

However, even if each of the remaining ballots shows a vote for Alex Staines, and none for Kahn Goodluck, it still won't be enough to close the 65 vote gap between the two candidates.

Mr Staines can call for a recount and it will be up to the electoral commission to decide whether or not that's justified.

ECQ Returning Officer Mark Larney, who has been working in local government for 22 years and has never seen a recount, said that process would take at least two days. 

"If one of the candidates called for a recount I would be calling in 20 to 30 people to make sure we did that as fast as possible," Mr Larney said.

Unlike the original count in which ballots were fed into a machine, a recount would be by hand.

Mr Larney said the only way there could be significant variances that would change the outcome of the election for that final seat on the council would be if some votes had wrongly been classified as informal - or vice-versa.

Today those at the ECQ office are also double checking the mayoral votes and the referendum ballots that were counted by hand. 


KAHN Goodluck has extended his lead over rival Alex Staines in the race for the final spot on council.

But the small gain in the latest results released by the ECQ will be cold comfort for Mr Goodluck, who still only leads Mr Staines by 65 votes.

He was 51 votes ahead of Mr Staines this morning, meaning he has widened his lead by an extra 14 votes.

Mr Goodluck and Mr Staines performed marginally worse in their gains this morning than those at the front of the pack.

Mr Goodluck gathered 168 votes this morning, while the clear leader, Chris Trevor, added 199 votes to his tally. 

More to come. 


COUNTING will be all but finalised today and we are likely to know what our council will look like by this afternoon.

Today is the final day that the Electoral Commission of Queensland will be taking postal votes.

But the ECQ doesn't know how many they are expecting to receive.

"It depends how many here are in the post box when go to collect them," the ECQ Recounting Officer said.

Ninth placed Alex Staines and eighth placed Kahn Goodluck are currently in a tight contest for the final spot on council, with Kahn ahead of Staines by just 51 votes.

Today's count will begin at midday.

The Recounting Officer said, technically, the last postal votes have until close of business today to arrive, so they may need to count more tomorrow morning.

The ECQ also has 300 "unenrolled votes" to count today, which are those who enrolled to vote between the first enrolment closing date of February 12 and the second on March 28.