‘50 jobs’ gone at Curragh Mine: Worker

FIFTY labour hire personnel have reportedly been laid off by Thiess at Curragh Mine.

One man, who didn't want to be identified, said he had been working at the mine for almost two years and was one of the lucky ones who had managed to find work elsewhere.

"We went to prestart on Thursday night to hear Thiess say they were laying off 50 labour hire personnel as of now," he said.

"We finished our shift and next morning we were to ring the labour hire people to see if we still had a job.

"They're (Thiess) not saying anything and all these people are stressed out… it's got to the point where they can just say you're not coming back tomorrow."

The man said he had taken two pay cuts since starting almost two years ago and was just really disappointed at the way things had been handled.

"I just want people to know how labour hire are treated as individuals… if we open our mouths, there's a chance that we'll lose our jobs."

He said his labour hire company, Workpac, had been exceptional.

"They are trying to place as many people as they can in other jobs."

Attempts to contact Thiess's head office in Brisbane and Workpac yesterday were unsuccessful.