50 days until 'in danger' decision for Great Barrier Reef

ENVIRONMENTAL groups have urged politicians to act on promises to protect the Great Barrier Reef, with only 50 days until the World Heritage Committee meets to consider listing the natural wonder as "in danger".

Although the federal and Queensland governments have promised bans on dredge spoil dumping across the reef, and committed more funds in recent weeks, conservationists are concerned the promises have not been acted upon.

WWF Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society released a nine-point "to-do list" yesterday for the reef, including the actual implementation of the dumping bans.

The green groups also called for at least an extra $500 million to achieve the aims of the Reef 2050 long-term sustainability plan.

WWF spokesman Richard Leck said the management plans needed to be "translated into meaningful action" and accompanied by "sufficient funding".

"It is not unreasonable to expect an investment in Reef 2050 at the scale needed to deliver its own pollution reduction targets," he said.

While the Abbott government has been wooing UNESCO in a bid to avert an "in-danger" listing, scientists have urged more be done to prevent the reef's continued decline.