5 reasons you're tired of Domino's, according to Domino's

DOMINO'S has revealed what irks its pizza customers the most and even stopped work for an hour in all stores to tell staff what annoys buyers.

The top frustrations for pizza buyers at Domino's 600 stores across the country include missing garlic bread that was ordered; uneven pizza slices and poorly distributed pepperoni.

The top five complaints were:

1) MISSING garlic breads;

2) UNEVEN pizza slices;

3) POORLY distributed pepperoni;

4) INCORRECT products, and

5) CUSTOMER service


The stores closed for an hour at the weekend for a training session for staff designed to address the most common complaints, ahead of today's launch of Domino's "We Care" campaign.


And don't forget the garlic bread this time!

Nick Knight, Domino's CEO for Australia and New Zealand, said the campaign and training session recognised customers valued Domino's products and speed, but wanted every product in every meal to meet their expectations.

"We have run a number of focus groups and our customers tell us they love our products, but when we make a mistake, they want it fixed as quickly as possible - and we will," Mr Knight said.

Mr Knight said Domino's will ensure its products and delivery service, with a money back or replacement guarantee.

"'Slow where it matters, fast where it counts,' has long been the mantra of Domino's, and we recognise that over time errors have been made and attention to detail has wavered," Mr Knight said.

"It is not acceptable that our customers receive a less-than-perfect pizza, that items from the order are wrong or missing, or pizza slices are unevenly cut or topped.

"100% customer satisfaction is our goal for every order, and our latest campaign tells our customers we've listened and that we're going to do better."