What do you really wish you could give others for Christmas?
What do you really wish you could give others for Christmas? Nicholas Falconer

Five gifts we would give at Christmas - if we could

WITH the Australian Retailers Association predicting we'll spend about $46.7 billion this year on Christmas gifts, we decided to look at what kind of present we would really like to give - if only we could.

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1. Gift cards purely for paying our bills

Instead of iTunes or JB Hi-Fi gift cards we'll only use to rebuy our collection of Gilmore Girls, why aren't there Ergon Energy gift cards for paying our electricity bill?

"What's this in the card? Oh wow! $100 towards the rego on the car! Finally, something I'll actually use."

2. Days of Annual Leave/School Holidays

Given how long and how hard most of us work these days, wouldn't it be nice if we could just give someone the day off?

"Hi Mum, we put some of our school holidays together and traded them for a day of annual leave for you!"

3. Christmas decorations that don't involve snow

We're still a month away from "peak furnace" here in Australia and all we can see is snowflakes and white Christmas. We all know the only thing White about our Christmas is the colour of fire the sun burns us with on the day.

"Dad found these awesome wave-shaped decorations to go on our Christmas air-conditioner."

4. Nothing

Sometimes, for reasons we will all hold to ourselves, we just wish we could give that certain someone nothing at all. Likewise, nothing is cheap so, like my family, not bothering with presents can strip a lot of the stress out of the silly season.

"Hey Anthony, what did you get for Christmas?"
"My bills paid."

5. Good health

More than anything, wouldn't it be nice to give the ones we love the gift of good health? No joke, just a wish for all of you out there to enjoy a happy and healthy Christmas.

"Hi everyone, I went all out and bought you relief from a few of those aches and pains that have been troubling you. Love you all."

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