Today in history: 'King Trott' a firefighter for 45 years

ON THIS day (January 4) in Gladstone history: 

1967: 45 Years' Service

Chief Officer, Kingsley H. Trott of the Gladstone Fire Brigade, has been presented with his 45 years' service bar. 

Mr Trott has served in the Rockhampton and Gladstone Brigades.

He joined the Rockhampton Fire Brigade as a Junior Cadet on December 1, 1921.

The following year, he was promoted to Senior Cadet at the "lucrative" salary of one pound per week ($2), with a 2/6 (25 cents) per week increment the following year.

On attaining the age of 21 years, he was appointed fireman and shortly afterwards to the position of senior fireman.

This position he held until appointed Chief Officer of the Gladstone Fire Brigade on July 1, 1941.

One of "King" Trott's major examination achievements was in 1929 when he entered the worldwide Fire Engineers' Examination.

In this examination he was placed fifth in the whole of the British Empire.

Mr Trott said he considered the Embassy Theatre fire in 1947 the worst he had attended during his 25 years in Gladstone, while the New Zealand Loan building fire in Rockhampton in the early 1930s would be the worst in his 45 years as a fireman.