Today in history: Girl Guides, bathing houses to be revived

ON THIS day (November 20) in Gladstone history:


With a view to reviving the Girl Guide movement in Gladstone, a meeting of ladies was held in the Town Hall last night. Mrs PA Friend was appointed president, Miss H Ferris secretary and treasurer, and Mesdames WP Mellefont, E Burnham, J Booth, HW Ferris, AV Ferguson, AW Drewe and AA MacAllister formed a committee. It was decided to reorganise the Girl Guides and if the enthusiasm displayed at last night's meeting is any criterion, the movement should be very successful. The committee decided to meet on the first Wednesday in each month.

The Town Council is to be requested to have repairs effected to the bathing houses at Barney Point and Marine Parade, also to renew the netting fence around the enclosure on the Parade. Mention was made of the manner in which certain members of the public abused conveniences and the suggestion was made that probably the solution would be the formation of a swimming club. Some members of the club would then be in regular attendance when the tides were suitable for bathing and they could exercise some care over the conveniences. The club might also be instrumental in raising funds for the further improvements to the beaches, and there is certainly ample scope for improvement.