Today in history: Wife won't give up Banjo Patterson's piano

ON THIS day (January 8) in Gladstone history:


The decision of the Harbour Board to close the Auckland Point jetty to the public was put into effect on Friday night last, when gates were erected across the approach to the jetty, which will be locked at night.

The jetty has always been a favourite rendezvous for fishing enthusiasts, and a walk around Auckland Hill and out on the jetty of an evening has been a popular pastime for quite a number of the residents.

The marine parade beach, always a popular bathing resort, was recently enclosed with a shark proof fence, which has made it even more popular, and at each high tide now, hundreds are to be seen enjoying a dip.


The Winton Historical Society wants the piano Banjo Paterson is believed to have used to compose Waltzing Matilda.

But its Gladstone owner, QATB Superintendent's wife, Mrs Edith Jeffery, has no intention of giving it up.

Mr Jeffery gave the piano to his wife as a present soon after they were married and living at Winton.

Mrs Jeffery is an accomplished pianist and the piano has been used by her to teach many pupils in a 30 year career.

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