TOP SPOT: Seventeen Seventy or 1770? How do you spell it?.
TOP SPOT: Seventeen Seventy or 1770? How do you spell it?.

1770 or Seventeen Seventy? Historic town's identity crisis

SEVENTEEN Seventy, Town of 1770 or 1770 - why is it all so complicated?

Officially it is known as Seventeen Seventy - spelt out, not written numerically.

To make matters even more complicated, the town was originally called Round Hill. According to the State Government it was changed to Seventeen Seventy in 1936.

Historian Paulette Flint said she always knew the place as the Town of Seventeen Seventy or 1770.

Ms Flint was driving to Agnes Water this week with half the signs she saw displaying the numbers 1770 and half displaying the name spelt out.

She said it should be consistent and her view was to make it just numbers.

A large number of businesses in the area, use the numbers 1770, instead of the words to this day.

In 2008 Discovery Coast Tourism and Commerce Inc surveyed residents in Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy to see the reaction to the name change.

After an "overwhelming" response to changing the name to the Town of 1770, they put an application into the Department of Natural Resources and Water, as it was then known to change the name.

However, this was rejected.

How do you spell the town's name?

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The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy now administers the place naming process in Queensland.

A department spokesperson said in 2008 the Department refused the application to change the name Seventeen Seventy to "The Town of 1770" after consulting with a number of other agencies, and also assessing whether such a change would be consistent with the Place Names Act.

"Both Australia Post and emergency services expressed concerns about the potential for significant confusion if such a change were made," they said.

Gladstone Region councillor Desley O'Grady has been heavily involved in the strange naming issue.

She said 10 years after trying to have the name changed, there was more interest again.

"I've had many people approaching me about changing the name back to Town of 1770," Cr O'Grady said.

According to Gladstone Regional Council minutes from a May 5, 2009 meeting, the council discussed the confusion around the name change.

One of the motions moved and accepted was that steps be taken to "progressively alter council signage (including corresponding notification to the Department of Main Roads) as funds and resources permit, including as part of the signage/re-badging project currently underway."

Although it's unknown who the mixed signs belong to now, it's still causing plenty of confusion, maybe we should just have numbers.