15 stats on Gladstone industry that might surprise you

Gladstone Industry Leadership Group has commissioned McNair Ingenuity Research to undertake a community perception survey, where 750 residents spent an average of 28 minutes talking to researchers about social, environmental and industry issues.

The six operational industries represented through the GILG include Orica, Boyne Smelters Ltd, NRG Gladstone Power Station, QAL, Rio Tinto Alcan Yarwun and Cement Australia.  *Note, the LNG companies are not members of GILG.

Full story, here.

These are some of the interesting statistics:

1. 59% say industry has a long term commitment to Gladstone

2. 64% say industry supports the local community

3. 66% say industry is known locally as a good employer

4. 29% residents say Gladstone industry is trustworthy and honest

5. 53% say the industry most likely to be associated with air pollution is Queensland Alumina Ltd

6. 42% say industry supports the local community by putting back in it

7. 35% were concerned industry in Gladstone might be affecting their health

8. 41% were concerned about the water quality of Gladstone harbour

9. Six in 10 residents concerned about industry emissions were aware that live air quality monitoring data is available for Gladstone

10. 77% say they get their information about Gladstone's industry from the Gladstone Observer

11. Orica and Cement Australia were the worst performers as "good corporate citizens"

12. 71% rated Gladstone Port Corporation as the a good or excellent corporate citizen

13. 20% say industry should create less pollution to help improve liveability, 19% say it should spend money on community projects and infrastructure

14. How would you change Gladstone? 33% say more shops, restaurants and facilities, 13% say lower cost of living, 12% say less pollution.

15. Nine out of 10 residents had heard of the Harbour Festival, Gladstone or Mt Larcom shows, or HookUp Gladstone Ports Corporation was the best known sponsor of major events