Flooding from water release of Callide Dam
Photo Emma Clarke / Central Telegraph
Flooding from water release of Callide Dam Photo Emma Clarke / Central Telegraph Emma Clarke

12 Olympic swimming pools of water to be released

A MANUAL test of the radial gates at Callide Dam will be conducted by SunWater on Wednesday as part of an ongoing dam safety management program.

Mr Colin Bendall, SunWater Executive General Manager Operations, said the gates will be tested to ensure the dam can continue to safely pass influxes of water during the wet season and beyond.

"This test forms part of an improved routine testing program in which the gates will undergo an operational assessment on a quarterly basis," he said.

"We will be opening the gates in stages between 9am and 3pm and will closely monitor outflows throughout the exercise."

Callide Dam has six radial gates which are operated in pairs and are designed to open automatically using a float system which gradually opens the gates as the water level rises.

About 30 megalitres is expected to be released during the test - the equivalent of 12 Olympic swimming pools - and is considered a minor release for the Callide creek channel.

Cyclone Marcia raised the dam's water level to a point where the dam gates were automatically triggered and released 1.8 Olympic-sized swimming pools into the Callide Valley per second.

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"As a precautionary safety measure, Callide Creek Crossing Road will be closed with traffic diversions in place during the exercise," Mr Bendall said.

"SunWater has advised customers and downstream residents of the test and remains in close contact with the Banana Shire Council and the Local Disaster Management Group about our activities."

"We appreciate the community's patience and cooperation while the test is under way."

Callide Dam supplies up to 136,300 megalitres of water for the Biloela township, Callide Power Station, irrigation and to supplement downstream groundwater supplies.

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For more information about Callide Dam, download the dam fact sheet: http://www.sunwater.com.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/17239/SunWater-Fact-Sheet-Callide.pdf