Have a good time, but save the best time for when you're not with colleagues or clients.
Have a good time, but save the best time for when you're not with colleagues or clients.

10 tips to survive this year's office Christmas party

YOU already know not to be caught with your pants down on the copier, or learing at the attractive interns, but that might not be enough.

As you limber up for this year's swag of Christmas parties, etiquette expert Patsy Rowe has released "10 hot tips" on surviving the season.

With any luck, you might even be invited next year:

1.    Don't fill up on booze

Eat before you drink… and keep eatingDrinking soft drink between hard drinks is a good idea.


2.    Think twice about your wardrobe choices.

Women should avoid wearing anything low-cut, see-through or provocative; think of the office party as an extension of the workplace.


3.    Have a 'buddy' system

That is: your pal keeps an eye on you (and bundles you into a taxi when you start weeping into your wine) and you do the same for them.


4.   Your boss is still your boss

Don't take liberties such as calling the senior partner by his first name or worse, his nickname 'Spud.'


5.    Keep it clean

Avoid bad language and telling jokes with strong sexual innuendo which could be misinterpreted.


6.   Keep it classy

Don't get yourself into intimate situations such as dancing 'cheek to cheek' with fellow male employee (or a senior member of staff) or sitting on their knee.


7.   Don't be stuffy

This is not the time to ask for a raise or even to discuss serious business.


8.   Your plus one shouldn't add up to disaster

Think carefully before you bring a partner or husband/wife with you. If they don't know anyone and are not 'out-going' and good mixers, they may be bored, jealous or drink too much.


9.   Be social media savvy

Be careful what photos you post on Facebook and what comments you make on social media.


10. Don't go home with anyone you didn't come with

Or if you do, maybe be a little bit subtle about it?