You could just find a gem hiding among the rocks.
You could just find a gem hiding among the rocks. Istock

10 girls baby names if you're looking for something different

YOU may not like them all, but if you're after something a little different, you could just find a gem hiding among the rocks.

GALINA. This name means 'shining brightly' and your little one certainly will with this beautiful title.

SOLANGE. This one rolls off the tongue so well I just can't stop saying it. French for 'with dignity', this name sounds fitting of a strong woman with style and grace.

VITA. Latin for 'LIFE', this vibrant name will shine just as brightly as your little lady.

KASMIRA. Old Slavic for 'bringing peace' this could be the name of a future leader. One that brings peace and shows others to be kind to one another. Kasmira, you are an inspiration!

PAISLEY. This is one of my favourites. Also the name of a Scottish town and a former Roman fort, Paisley is a type of fabric. It also has the spunk and attitude to be the next big hipster name.

OPHELIA. Inspired by Shakespeare, this unique name is different enough to inspire the next generation of iconic playwrights.

CORA. This moniker has been traced back as far as classic myth. Meaning 'maiden', this name is easy to pronounce but ticks the unique box.

ADDILYN. A diminutive of Adele, this name has many variations. Adeline is a stunning form if you're not a fan of Addilyn, but you can't argue that 'Addie' for short isn't adorable!

DARCIE. While it's not the most uncommon name in the world, this moniker is usually a boys' name ... unless you're in the US. In Australia, it's unlikely your little one would have to compete with another Darcie in their class.

MARIGOLD. Flower names have increased in popularity in recent years, so why not consider one that is slightly different. Marigold just rolls off the tongue, and you could opt for Marie or Goldie as nicknames.

This article originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.