NEW YEAR NEW HOOKUP: Jeff Amos with RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service PR co-ordinator Kirsty Wooler.
NEW YEAR NEW HOOKUP: Jeff Amos with RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service PR co-ordinator Kirsty Wooler. Rosie Obrien

Ten boats up for grabs at this year's Hookup

DOZENS have already signed up to be part of this year's Boyne Tannum Hookup.

It's not as many as Hookup association president Jeff Amos would have liked to have seen.

"Not as many showed up as I expected, early days yet though," he said.

Despite the initial signs, the biggest community-run fishing competition in the southern hemisphere is expecting a better than ever year with 10 boats up for grabs.

"Most of the boats can be won simply by buying tickets in the raffle," Mr Amos said.

"The major prize, a 6.02 metre boat will be worth more than $90,000 once we deck it out, insure it and fill it with fuel."

Children who enter will have the chance to win the smaller three metre boats by catching a fish and recording the heaviest weight.

For those who want to soak up the atmosphere, Mr Amos said they're trying something a little different this year.

"Filleting and cooking demonstrations will be held on the day too," he said.

"And because the competition is in its 20th year, for the first time ever, will feature an INXS tribute band on the Saturday night."

A fish treasure hunt is also a new challenge this year.

Mr Amos said on June 1, multiple fish will be caught, tagged and released and will then be able to be caught during the competition for instant money.

"We will release photos of the selected fish closer to the 5th and for anyone who catches one and keeps it alive, will win $5000," he said.

This is the first year that the RACQ Capricornia rescue service is offering their own race.

PR and community co-ordinator Kristy Woller said they will be hosting a rubber ducky race on the Sunday, with all funds going to supporting the service.

"The rescue chopper costs $3.6 million a year to fuel, equip and operate, so we need as much support as possible," she said.

"So far we've had about 40-50 buy ducks to enter in the race which makes 130 ducks already.

"You can buy them up until the day, $5 for one or $25 for a family of six."

With a maximum of 3000 adults allowed in the Hookup, Mr Amos is encouraging fishermen to hurry with entering.