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Send yourself on a scavenger hunt around Brisbane to discover the incredible street art.
Send yourself on a scavenger hunt around Brisbane to discover the incredible street art.

10 best street art spots to take an Insta selfie

IF YOU are in need of a few trendy new Instagram snaps, then get your phone and selfie-stick ready and head to Brisbane.

The city's art scene is nothing short of impressive, so next time you're in the city do yourself a favour and check it out.

Here are 10 places to put on your street art tour:

1.       Coniston Ln behind the Family nightclub in Fortitude Valley is covered with moody urban art from multiple artists including InstaGuss.

2.       In Winn St (just off Ann St) you'll find a cool stencil near the 'No Standing' sign. Follow your nose to check out the fun vibe in Winn Ln before heading further into the urban jungle. Artist: unknown.

3.       At the Creek and Ann Sts underpass you'll find a colourful masterpiece from Mik Shida.

4.       Brisbane Powerhouse at 119 Lamington St, New Farm is a graffiti hub. They have free exhibitions on the ground floor you should check out.

5.       You won't miss the work of two of Brisbane's favourite street artists, Anthony Lister and Sofles, when heading down Milton Road (opposite Frew Park) - it's massive!

6.       Fall in love with the lady blowing bubbles on the corner of Ashington St and Montague Rd in West End. Artist: Eagleton.

7.       What did the fox say? Find out at 126 Hardgrave Rd, West End. Artist: Fintan Magee.

8.       The Pillars Project on the corner of Merivale St and Montague Rd is a must-see. Created by eight local artists, the project was launched in 2014 as part of the G20 celebrations. Artists include: Guido Van Helton, Gus Eagleton, John Heer (AKA Gimiks Born), Simon Degroot, Fintan Magee and Mik Shida.

9.       Head to Boggo Road Gaol and check out the epic mono street art that has taken over the whole side of the building. Artist: unknown.

10.   You'll find a new wall behind Nundah Railway Station thanks to the Positive Partnerships program. Artists: Simon Degroot and Dan Brock.

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