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Peckish Small Parrot Blend 5kg


Date listed: 3/12/2020

PECKISH SMALL PARROT BLEND 5KGOffer your small parrot a balanced diet with all-natural micro-pellets containing real vegetables and greens, and the traditional seeds that small parrots such as lovebirds, cockatiels and rosellas adore. This blend of all-natural greens offers the protein, calcium and iron your bird needs, along with real carrots for a natural source of Vitamin A. Our quality VITA-ENRICH Pellet formula also provides an added boost of vitamins and minerals for optimum health.Ingredients: White French Millet, VITA-ENRICH Pellet (Wheat, Maize, Bran & Pollard, Soybean, Vegetable oil, Vitamin & Mineral premix), Wheat, Oats, Maize, Grey Sunflower, Natural Greens micro pellet (Wheat, Alfalfa, Kale, Parsley, Vitamin & Mineral premix, Dextrose, Alfalfa Extract), Carrot micro pellet (Wheat, Carrot, Vitamin & Mineral premix, Dextrose, Beta Carotene), Fine Shell Grit, Vegetable Oil

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