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Fuelmiser FCF163 Cabin Air Pollen Filter



The range of Fuelmiser Cabin Air Pollen Filters sold by Automotive Superstore work hard to make sure that the air that comes through your vehicles cabin vents is clean and free of pollen, dust, smog, and mold spores. While 99% of drivers know about the need for quality oil and fuel filters on their vehicles, far fewer are aware that all of the air that passes through their HVAC system should be filtered and clean by the time it gets into the cabin. The cabin air pollen filter is usually located behind the glove box or under the dashboard and has been standard equipment on the majority of vehicles sold since the year 2000. Its not just your lungs that will thank you for the clean fresh air that a quality Fuelmiser filter helps to deliver but also your vehicles air conditioning system. Pushing dirty air through the air conditioner over a period of time will put unnecessary strain on the AC system and can cause the motor to burn out. As we all know, driving without air conditioning in Australia is nothing short of daunting. A quality Fuelmiser cabin air filter will keep the air you breathe clean and can save you hundreds in repair bills for a broken air conditioner system.

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