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Simplicite Botanic Gel Mask 75g



SIMPLICITE BOTANIC GEL MASK 75GA firming and hydrating ‘mix it yourself’ mask for all skin types. Soothes irritated, sensitive skin. Improves the appearance of acne and sensitivity redness.Directions:Mix as per instructions on jar, ensure to allow the mask to infuse for a few minutes then apply thickly to skin. Leave for 5 minutes, wipe off with tissue then use a damp face cloth to remove residue.The mask is lumpy to apply and it does not have to evenly cover the face to work – even a smear of the herbs will give the correct benefit.Apply the specific Simplicité Serum for your skin concern under this mask for extra benefit. For example, the Acne Antibacterial Serum for acne and breakout skin.For a different feel on the skin the infused Botanic Gel Mask mixture may also be combined with a teaspoon of either the Waratah or Calendula Plant Mask. Apply as above.Ingredients:Cornsilk, Calendula, Heartsease, Alfalfa, Elderflowers, Green OatsContents:1 x Hydrating Mask 75g

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